Liturgical Life



Gift Bearers

Families or groups are invited to present the gifts of the congregation during Mass.  Contact an usher before Mass if you are interested.

Altar Servers

Altar Servers serve an important liturgical function by assisting the Presider before, during, and after the liturgy, and serving as prayer leaders for the people.  Mature boys and girls in fourth grade or above, as well as adults, are eligible to enter the altar server program.  

Contact:  Dr. Christopher Urbeil (740) 453-3301 ext. 122,

Extraordinary Minister

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion assist the clergy, when needed, in the distribution of Holy Communion at Holy Mass. They may also be commissioned by the Pastor to take Holy Communion to the sick or homebound. All individuals who are over the age of 16 may participate in this ministry after approval from the Pastor. All EMHC must be commissioned by the Pastor to exercise this ministry.  

Contact:  Sister Maureen Anne Shepard (740) 221-1354


Proclaiming the Word of God has always been a fundamental part of the Catholic Liturgy.  Lectors read the scripture and the Prayers of the Faithful from the pulpit.  All individuals who are confirmed are invited to participate in this ministry. 

Contact: Dr. Christopher Urbeil (740) 453-3301 ext. 122,


Ushers serve the parish community by greeting people as they arrive, escorting people to their seats, gathering and securing collections, assisting in taking gifts of bread and wine to the altar, directing the flow of those going to communion and handing out bulletins at the conclusion of Sunday Mass.  All individuals are invited to participate in this ministry.

Contact:  Paul Hoffman, 740-452-7201