How to Volunteer



Our ministries are not possible without volunteers.  If you are interested in volunteering, we would love to have you!  Please browse the many possibilities on the Get Involved section of our website.  Contacts are listed with each ministry.

In an effort to build a strong relationship among parishioners and the people we serve, we ask that all volunteers complete a Volunteer Application Form each year.  In addition, if your area of ministry would classify you as a catechist, we also ask that you complete a Code of Conduct for Catechists and a form stating that you have read and understand our policies on harassment. 

Requirements for Volunteering with Youth

For the safety of our children, the Diocese of Columbus requires the following attend a Protecting God’s Children Program:

  • All paid diocesan, parish, and school staff and any clergy temporarily assigned to the Columbus Diocese regardless of their level of contact with children and youth
  • All volunteers 18 years or older in a program or ministry for children and youth regardless of their level of contact with children and youth; e.g.: Catholic school, PSR program, etc.
  • All volunteers 18 years or older in other parish programs or ministries who have been delegated care, custody, or control of children and youth; e.g. choir director, sacristan, etc.

For more information, please see our Safe Environment page.