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Weekly Update 5/7/2020

May 7, 2020

My Favorite Rosary Booklets


Dear Friends,


Here are a few of the Rosary booklets I have used over the years.  I am always on the lookout for a new insight to refresh my daily meditation on the mysteries in the lives of Jesus and Mary.  I present these six booklets as just a sample for your consideration.


“Praying the Rosary with Pope Francis” is a relatively new booklet of rosary devotions.  It consists of scripture readings and meditations from the writings and homilies of Pope Francis.  It also contains great pictures of all the mysteries.  It is published by the USCCB and is available on Amazon.


“Scriptural Rosary” is a small hard bound book with scripture verses used as meditations upon the mysteries of the rosary utilized after the first part of the Hail Mary.  Using the name of Jesus as the starting point, the scripture citation recalls the mystery being presented to focus the prayers attention on the mystery.  This is a method of praying the rosary much favored by Pope Saint John Paul II.  This book is also available on Amazon.


“The Rosary of Our Lady” by Romano Guardini is a wonderful reflection on each of the fifteen mysteries.  Written before Pope John Paul II suggested the Luminous Mysteries, Guardini provides a very accessible theological insight into the mystery being considered.  This is a true winner in my book, and available on Amazon in the used book section at a very reasonable cost.


 “The Secret of the Rosary” by Saint Louis de Monfort is a perennial classic of Rosary and Marian devotion. This was the very first rosary book I ever used, picking up a free copy in the vestibule of my home parish many years ago.  De Monfort’s admonitions and insights are timeless.  It has been reprinted and reissued many times.  This is also available on Amazon.


“Holy Rosary” by Josemaria Escriva is a small classic in the style of this recent saint’s other writings; short spiritual maxims composed to encourage the devotee to understand the mystery being contemplated and live it. Also available on Amazon.


My all time favorite is “The Rosary with Fra Angelico and Giotto” by Dominico Marcucci.  This booklet has it all; beautiful images from the works of Fra Angelico and Giotto, scripture citations for each rosary, intentions for each decade, a format using the Scriptural Rosary method and a short explanation of each mystery.  This is the edition I often give to folks who ask for a rosary resource.  It is available on Amazon for over $500 for the paperback booklet!  You can buy it from the website of the Daughters of Saint Paul, who publish it, for about five bucks!


I noticed many of these resources are available  on Amazon in the Kindle format, some ever for free.


There are so many rosary resources available.  You couldn’t even begin to mention the numerous apps available.


I love the rosary.  It has accompanied me throughout all my adult life and been a real foundation of my priestly ministry.  I cannot tell you how much it means to me, nor can I recommend it to you enough!


If you purchase any of these booklet through Amazon please go to our web page and click on the Amazon link.  The parish will receive .05% of all your eligible purchases.


Don’t forget to join us, Monday thru Thursday at 7 pm during the month of May, as we recite the Family Rosary and meditate on the mysteries in the lives of Jesus and Mary.   


From my heart to yours, in the hearts of Jesus and Mary–


Peace and blessing,


Father Sullivan.


"Obedience unites us so closely to God that it in a way transforms us into Him,

so that we have no other will but His." -- Saint Thomas Aquinas

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