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Weekly Update 7/21/2021

July 21, 2021

Behold Saint Christopher And Be On Thy Way In Safety! 


As a young boy my grandmother, quite anti-Catholic in her upbringing and outlook, gave me a Saint Christopher medal.  When he was a boy, my grandmother had also given a Saint Christopher medal to my father.  She even had a Saint Christopher statue on the dashboard of her automobile! 


“Christopher” is my given middle name, and I wore the medal she gave me proudly for many years and “religiously” invoked his assistance in my every need. 


At the time of the renewal of the Sacred Liturgy in the late 1960s, the Calendar of Saints was also renewed.  The desire was to add new Saint celebrations and commemorations from around the world, making the obligatory celebration of saints’ feast days reflect the universal character of Christ’s Church.  The former calendar was top heavy with local and obscure Italian saints.  A number of very popular intercessors were removed from universal observance…Valentine, Barbara, Philomena…and now are considered local celebrations.  This is the category Saint Christopher fell into after the renewal.  Christopher is still a saint!  Saint Christopher Churches are still Saint Christopher Churches and Saint Christopher medals are still prayers in medal form asking the good traveler’s intercession! 


This weekend at the Saturday and Sunday Masses we will commemorate Saint Christopher, Martyr, patron of travelers.  I will preach about him and after the homily bless Saint Christopher medals which can be displayed in your varying modes of transportation.  Immediately following Mass I will invoke God’s blessing and sprinkle your vehicles with Holy Water, as you drive them by the side entrance of the Rectory on the south side of the Church. 

"How can we live in harmony? First we need to know we are all

madly in love with the same God."  -- Saint Thomas Aquinas

Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church  •  144 N. 5th Street  •  Zanesville, OH 43701-3506  •  740-453-3301  •
Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church  •  144 N. 5th Street  •  Zanesville, OH 43701-3506

740-453-3301  •

Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church

144 N. 5th Street  •  Zanesville, OH 43701-3506


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